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As a New Zealand shipping company in Sydney, We offer weekly container shipping service to New Zealand from all major capital cities in Australia and specialize in shipping commercial cargo, shipping boxes to New Zealand and furniture shipping to New Zealand.



When you want to move your cargo shipping from Australia to New Zealand, it would be simple for you to choose Freight Company; however, there is massive difference because there are few things that we consider and others don't

Keeping all your queries in mind, we provide the following which makes us stand alone Single point of contact: Import and Export, Quotations, Customer Clearance, Delivery or pickup, Costing and Invoicing

Friendly Service: Privately Owned NZ Freight service, you would not feel lost in big corporate and neglected.
Consistent point of contact: We focus on our team’s diversity and accountability which gives them job satisfaction, which is good for you too as you would not face new staff every time you contact.
You will save you time and money: Saving you time and money by constantly researching and offering alternatives modes that best suits you
Peace of mind: we issue certificates and provide you complete claim assistance for any mishap, loss or damage. Additionally, we provide Insurance of you loss and Damages
Your freight delivered faster: We offer hourly base delivery system for urgent consignments
Convenient location: hubs and warehouses near airports

Our focus - Serving your business: Our major clients belong to SME's and we focus on providing them best service considering all the pressure and demand they receive from big fishes of the market.


At New Zealand freight forwarding we consider that everyone should be able to afford the same quality shipping services that are being offered to the Top notch of the export business and to other manufacturing companies. To us this means flawless shipping every week, to hundreds of destinations worldwide. Unlike customary freight forwarding companies, we guarantee to have your goods packed in no time and then shipped on the world’s most trustworthy and reliable shipping lines. We make sure your possessions and all personal effects are loaded to the shipping lines having weatherproof and indestructible steel containers offering swift transit times.


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